31 January 2008

Sam Beam of Iron & Wine

In 2007, Iron & Wine released The Shepherd’s Dog, which for me graduated him from over-hyped Pitchfork darling to legitimately-hyped Pitchfork darling. Regardless of the music, however, Beam has an ace under his chin.

That’s a magnificent frickin’ beard. Seriously. It’s growth like this that renders me stupid and (almost) mute. So when I look at a hair garden like Beam’s, I see possibilities — like some uncolored 1980s coloring book bursting with potential for technicolor radiation not unlike a Care Bear Stare. Gentle, flowing, wise, friendly, prudent and full, this is the beard you’d expect a film professor to wear. It screams “I heart corduroy!” and “leather-bound book scavenger at your yard-sale” and “natural-born viking.”

Beam’s mane makes lions jealous.


Jessica Brooke said...

i've seen this beard in person and man does it live up to the hype.

Laddie Buck said...

You're absolutly right the facial mane is nothing sort of magnificent. I say this as a true connisiour of beard music.