13 February 2008

Band of Horses
Benjamin Bridwell

From The Portland Mercury (15 – 21 November)
One of the indisputable truths of modern music is that all performers’ best stages are marked by beards. The Beatles, Elvis Costello, the Beastie Boys, etc. So what does it mean that the glorious Band of Horses has been bearded since their inception? They only have one phase: genius.
The super-duper hipster hype surrounding their music may not live up to the bona fide splendor of frontman Bridwell’s beard, but Mercury
still put it well. The curtain shielding the neck makes for a nice floating head effect, perfect for those not-so-otherwise-mesmerizing moments on stage.

Dig how it pulls away from the cheeks to allow an onlooker to view equal parts hair and flesh. Perhaps oddly, Bridwell’s beard resembles a mantle on which a face rests — like an egg in a nest.


erichwithanh said...

his face looks like a relief sculpture with a background of hair.

seeattle said...

blades of grass as chest hair? clearly a savage...