11 February 2008

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas looks pretty happy with a beard, no? And he ought to, too. It’s a mighty fine beard indeed.

During an easy morning stroll I noticed this fine furry face smiling at me from the Living Room Theaters. Apparently, Douglas starred in a film called King of California (released last autumn), and so did the hair on his chinny chin chin.

This thing is uninhibited growth; pure ecstasy exudes from the eyes and through the beard. The beard helps achieve a appearance as if all synapses are firing — but not in a creepy, “I don’t want to hang around this overzealous dude” kind of way. More like a “I bet something exciting will happen with this guy around” sorta way. Like wildflowers abound and unbound, this salt-and-pepper beard is the perfect vegetation for a Douglas landscape. Bonus points for matching the humor of his bushy crown.

Check out the amazing beard gallery and trailer at the King website. Link