24 July 2008

Devendra Banhart

As Pitchfork recently reported, elf prince and lord of furry woodland creatures Devendra Banhart has finally released the first proper promotional video 10 months after his album Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon was released.

But more important than the timing is that Natalie Portman stars! his beard is prominently featured.

Though his canon errs folk, Banhart looks like some 70s southern rocker. The mossy growth comes in a variety of sizes from full to long-and-freaky-(in-an-awesome-kind-of-way). It’s tough, but jovial — Santa and Muppet at the same time. It is mesmerizing, it is vivacious, it is Euterpe. It is not perfect, and thus not the beard of fellow indie folkster Sam Beam.

Legend has it, Banhart’s beard is home to an ancient colony of pixies from a faraway land. Which makes it even awesomer.

Bonus: dress Devendra