28 July 2008

Rob Weychert

Rob “Windhammer” Weychert is a graphic designer, artist, writer, speaker, and thinker living in Philadelphia, PA. If you haven’t heard, he has recently been crowned the Philadelphia regional champ of the US Air Guitar Championships. Guess what? He also has an amazing beard.

This Barba di Tiziano flaunts its brilliant hue through a sturdy mold. Possessing a well-balanced shapeliness, the highlight is clearly the whipped tuft resting between the lip and the chin. Upon initial gaze it flickers like an eternal flame of beautiful beardedness. Nevertheless, the hypnotic swirl is actually static. Add beard sorcerer to Weychert’s CV.

See it on the flickr.
See the ginger beard live at An Event Apart, Chicago, October 13–14, 2008.

Supplementary haiku:

I’m not mendacious
women dig my honesty
and my flying car
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Bicyclemark said...

Also add POTTY MOUTH to his CV. Thanks.

Thommy Browne said...

Good thinking Mike. I'm glad you choose to throw Rob into the beard revue pool. He DEFINITELY deserves it.

Anyone else going to AEA Chicago?