09 January 2009

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson’s character Richie Tenenbaum wears the security blanket beard in The Royal Tenenbaums. He suffers a mental breakdown, after which he can only feel comfortable by traveling and wearing a beard. And with a beard like that, who wouldn’t feel comfortable?

Often, the true self is revealed in the wooly strands of a well-woven beard. In this instance, Wilson’s portrayal of a film character is practically irrelevant, as the portrayal of his innate beardy self overshadows just about everything else when he’s onscreen.

Wilson’s better face is strong and dense. It embodies the spirit of an English professor and a Williamsburg resident. It could use a little length, but the unpruned boundaries are a subtle reminder of Wilson’s appreciation for natural beard beauty.

Bonus: Bill Murray’s stellar growth from The Royal Tenenbaums.


Rubin said...

I can't begin to tell you how much I value your work here.

A great bag of thanks from another member of the beard community.