16 January 2009

Werner von Braun

Werner von Braun
was the Nazi rocket scientist that took the United States to the moon. See, the NSDAP invested in rockets and he wanted to go to the moon instead of be killed by Nazis and then after WWII the US snagged him for fear of the Russians getting to him first. There’s a play about it that explains it all better.

But let’s talk von Braun’s beard. A late bloomer, his cultivation was a worthy experiment in beardage.

It is apparent that there are a few parallels between von Braun’s rocket project and his beard. Like the design of the Apollo lunar space module as seen below, von Braun achieved a tripod formation. Like Apollo, his beard appeared on his face after decades of remaining an unexplored terrain. And just like the Apollo program, few people appreciated von Braun’s barbaluna in its prime.

Von Braun’s beard is good, but not great. This is a classic symptom of a first beard. It’s rare to see beginner’s luck when growing a beard, so it shouldn’t be surprising that von Braun doesn’t look as confident or composed with his new hairship. Some have even gone so far as to speculate it is phony, built in a Hollywood studio.

Unlike the mission to the moon, unfortunately, von Braun didn’t live to see his beard perfected.

Apollo is playing at Portland Center Stage. The trailer is amazing and I cannot wait to go see it. If you’re in Stumptown, see this play!


WritingJonah said...

Apart from the play, there's a song written by the hilarious satirical musician Tom Lehrer about Werner Von Brauns life. Here's the Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEJ9HrZq7Ro