13 January 2009


Year + Beard = Yeard
Indeed. Beard Revue will begin its second year tomorrow. Here are ten of my favorite reviews from the past year:

And five from the general entertainment archives:

Beard Revue has received over 75,000 visits and 150,000 page views. Portland Monthly: Portland beardiest city in U.S. (December 24) achieved the one-day traffic high with over 2,250 visitors, though the most visited post is Drew Toothpaste with 6,554. In the United States, folks from the five boroughs drop more often than anywhere else, with Portland close behind. California leads all states in visits. 155 countries from around the globe have visited Beard Revue, those with Anglo-Saxon roots popping in most often.

Long live beards
Thanks for visiting Beard Revue; it’s been a spectacular year. Salud, santé, saude, prost, skål, noroc, na zdorovje, kampai, gom bui, l’chaim and cheers!

More celebrating to be had tomorrow…


Dschonn said...

I thought Aubrey de Grey's beard was pretty impressive, and the post (from 17 July) quite amusing.

mb said...

Wow, I can't believe I forgot de Grey! I love that post too. Science, beards and humor are my favorite.