27 February 2009

Duane Allman

Seeing that Duane Allman died long before cell phones were popular, it’s a bit strange that all the best pictures of him look like they’ve been taken from an iPhone.

At least one might be able to make out how fierce his Franz Josef is.

Allman was a brilliant guitarist — even Clapton wanted to play with him! When you’re that good, you’re tough TUFF. And nothing’s tougher than a Pangæa comprised of a mo and Wolverine whiskers.

From gamboge tints to pale peach shades, the spectrum of hues in Allman’s jowl matt compliment the colorful notes flying from his fretboard. And, just as in his solos, it’s the space between that makes the difference. At any given moment, the Allman’s versatile chops ’n’ stache combo can be perceived as confident, vulnerable, spiritual or playful.

Get At Fillmore East. It’s amazing.