12 February 2009

Ginger Beards

Illustrator Rich Stow’s beard “is more Wayne Rooney than Alexi Lalas,” he proclaims on his Ginger Beards site. Championing the ginger beard appears to be an act that transcends all of Stow’s endeavors. Besides his web sites, illustrations and t-shirts, he has a digital set of beardy cards complete with style, colour, originality and growth stats.

If you have a ginger beard photo you’d like to share with Stow, email him.

Be sure to check out those t-shirts. They’re interactive.


pseudosu said...

Love the bearded batman barbie-- genius. Hey-- did you see Threadless T's has the lion beard T on sale for like $9 now? Looked right up your alley.

bigbeard61 said...

I got a warning from Google that gingerbeards.com contains malware, which can infect your computer just by browsing the site, and that a site can contain malware without the owner's knowledge.

mb said...

@ bigbeard61

Thanks. I'll alert Mr. Stow.

In the meantime, use Firefox or a Mac.