21 February 2009

“The Great Beard”

Summer Allen-Gibson recently rounded up nine beard products available (including the Beard Revue poster). Internets, I hope you never change!

  1. Norman by Ashley Goldberg ($35)
  2. Bee Beard by Julianna Swaney ($23)
  3. Bearded Grandpa Painting by i made you a beard ($20)
  4. Crumbs in Beard by Katherine Brickman ($40)
  5. All The Bearded Men in My Life Print by Kelly Lasserre ($40)
  6. Shen Plum Print by Shen Plum ($18)
  7. Storage Beard by Little Robot ($19)
  8. Beards Are Sexy Mens T-Shirt by The Bold Banana ($14
  9. Beard Poster by Michael Buchino ($20)
Allen-Gibson runs Design Is Mine and Bread & Honey from the beardiest city in the U.S.