18 February 2009

Matthew “BEARDZZZ” Saccoman

Matthew “BEARDZZZ” Saccoman is a busy man. He has appeared on MSNBC as a beard expert and, in less than a month, his beard contest will come to fruition in New York.

And his beard is everything you would expect a beard expert’s to be. Rich in texture and color, ample in volume and possessing personality to spare, Saccoman dons a virile visage. This fertile garden dutifully offers a dynamic contour no neck could offer.

Though reminiscent of a particular Spartan, Saccoman’s beard has past the spear-wielding-warrior stage and clearly entered the wise-beyond-his-years phase.

Full disclosure: Beard Revue is sponsoring the New York City Beard & Moustache Championships, a contest promoted and managed by Matthew “BEARDZZZ” Saccoman. However, Saccoman did not solicit Beard Revue for this review in any way. As with every review, the rating above reflects the opinion of the author at the time of writing.