25 February 2009

Sébastien Chabal

You know the old story. Samson kept his strength so long as he did not cut or shave his hair. So allow me to break from convention to kindly mention this subtle suggestion to Sébastien Chabal:

Chabal is a zen Hindu cow wrapping his face in the awesome power of his very own beard.
Question: Can Chabal be stopped?
Answer in the form of a question: Can an unstoppable beardoceros be stopped?
This barbe magnifique is pure: deep color, full body, rigid geometric balance and simultaneously fierce and friendly.

While considerable color, great girth, ideal balance and other disciplines have enjoyed extensive achievement amongst the common man, the character of a beard both approachable and hostile is a versatile asset rarely accomplished. It commands respect and admiration.


Phil Jones said...

one of the most badass beards of all time

Just Cook It said...

Possibly my fave ever beard