31 March 2009

Blazer Beardies

I’m not able to grow a real beard - believe me I wish I could. But the truth is that neither are Steve Blake or Brandon Roy. Whatever grows out of their face right now might technically count as a “beard” but that’s only because it’s in the spirit of a “playoff beard.” If someone saw either one of these two guys walking down the street in the middle of October, they’d think that they had lost their razors.
Andrew Katz makes a good point in his article about Portland Trail Blazer beards. Coupled with the fact that Blake and Roy play in the beardiest city in the U.S., their beards are a disgrace. What’s sad is when even Rudy Fernandez and Joel Przybilla are getting in on the action. For shame…


J said...

What happend Rudy???
We want to see you really beardy!!!!

Greetings from Spain, really great blog!