11 March 2009

Édouard Manet

Characteristics of Impressionist paintings include visible brush strokes, open composition, emphasis on light in its changing qualities (often accentuating the effects of the passage of time), ordinary subject matter, the inclusion of movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience, and unusual visual angles.
Though widely regarded as an Impressionist, French painter Édouard Manet did not consider himself as such.
This is probably due to his very non-Impressionist beard.

The texture of Manet’s cheveux jardin benefits from illuminated, for sure. But the beard is no ordinary subject (two vortex barbs juts forth with admirable vigor), was a fixed staple of his profile (the hairship serves better as a signature than his actual mark) and was often viewed from all the usual angles (front, side, obtuse, et cetera.).

Self portrait entitled Le sigh. I can’t believe they think my beard is ordinary.