05 March 2009

First Thursday Beard Art

Aaron Piland, a Portland artist, believes art is a form of reality creation and that we all have the power to change the world with it. via Grass Hut

Betsy Walton is an artist for hire out of Portland. This piece, entitled 1, was created for Sasquatchtennial, at Grass Hut.

Mark Sreski is a graphic designer in Manchester. Beard of Ages is a promo piece for Mark Dormand that won first place in DesignersTalk’s poster competition.

Dave Franzese is an artist out of Brooklyn. No wonder some of his illustrations have prominently-featured beards.

Christina Chicas, an art student at Colgate University, recently created something of a propaganda poster for beards. It is available in myriad forms of media at Cafe Press.

Tristan Ellis is an illustrator and graphic designer in Orange County, California. He likes Hunter S. Thompson, Joy Division, long walks on the beach and beards. He also has a blog.

These bearded ladies are by Natalie Perkins, a graphic designer and illustrator from Brisbane. She’s selling on Red Bubble.


danconnortown said...

I bet Kris Payne of NYC would appreciate this post. He's pretty into beards.

mb said...

So I've heard. :-)