25 March 2009

Michael Stipe

Leukemia chic worked for Michael Stipe for 30 years, but in the twilight of the oughts’ first decade the allure of the beard has won him over. And it’s a good thing, too — look at that dapple grey!

The flourish of bushy grey anchoring Stipe’s face breaks free a hitherto unforeseen regality. His beard also offers a general softening of his face, validating any previously suspected platitudes as actual nuggets of wisdom. This is a beard that completes the man.

Postscript: Odd, however, is this unique conundrum: usually it is quite clearly the beard that garnishes great improvement upon a gentleman’s appearance, but here we can see that a simple winter hat and a Heather Graham shrewdly placed next to Stipe are what truly enhance his semblance. Nevertheless, no points are docked — everyone looks a little better with a winter hat and a Heather Graham by their side.


blakewest said...

In the second photo, Stipe bears a striking resemblance to Bill Murray as Steve Zissou. http://www.flickr.com/photos/blakewest/3385686544/

Murray makes brilliant use of his beard to add flavor to his character in those Wes Anderson films.

mb said...

@ blakewest
I totally agree. It's not a bad look.

David H said...

I actually thought that was Bill Murray until I read the accompanying text.

fenwayguy said...

In American English, "gray" is properly spelled with an "a".

Nonetheless, nice beard.