09 March 2009

Terrence Williams

Terrence Williams is arguably the most athletic basketball player in the NCAA. Since his freshman year, the parts caught up to the whole and his baseline stats are remarkable. He picks up whatever the Louisville Cardinals are lacking on a particular night — rebounds, assists, points, blocks. Williams has provided leadership at the point, something of which the Cards were in desperate need. And he has a stylish beard.

It should come as no surprise that a gentleman from the great Northwest (he’s from Seattle) and living in Louisville might sport a beard. But as athletes go, it’s still fairly rare. Thankfully, Williams has learned a few things over the past four years.

As a clean-shaven freshman, the Cardinals went 21-13 and played their way into the NIT final four. As a bearded senior, Williams has lead the Cards to a 25-5 record — and the best Big East conference record, 16-2) — entering the Big East tourney. Because corelation implies causation, this obviously has everything to do with the Samson Effect and William’s beard.

While not exactly a crumb catcher of epic proportions, Williams’ chinstrap has a streamlined fashion that resembles two colliding Nike swooshes. Face sculpting in the likeness of Nike — the goddess of victory and a potential sponsor — is just another smart play amongst a myriad this season. And for that, it deserves its kudos.

Expect more high flying beard action from Williams during the ensuing weeks.