21 April 2009

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield

Ice cream moguls Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s have a long haphazard history of beardiness.

While Cohen bears the quintessential Santa beard and its attributed friendliness contained therein, he bears it sporadically. Take a stroll through the history books and you’ll find Cohen sporting fluffy whiskers that predate Ben & Jerry’s, a mo’ more recently and even going naked-faced.

Following Cohen’s lead, Greenfield has also worn a beard often. His is a choppy mix that tends to look impulsively grown and subsidiary to his other goings on. Greenfield’s insistence of an au naturel barbe does not suit him — dirty edges pronounce a latent recklessness that may have worked well with a risk-taking entrepreneur, but only hinder half the faces of such a renowned establishment.

Perhaps their odd beard habits are why Greenfield and Cohen remain active in the company, but claim they have “no responsibility, no authority.” We can at least be grateful their commitment to ice cream has been more consistent.

Today is free cone day — go get some!