02 April 2009

First Thursday Beard Art

Beards are awesome and prolific Hotlanta watercolor artist Sam Ellis knows it. Just check out his Flickr set.

The futuristicly-inclined Devin Clark just finished installing a beard-centric art show of my paintings and masks in Brooklyn. Do not miss all the cool beardy art in his new work.

Laith McGregor is some kind of awesome. His website isn’t 100% right now, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more from this Aussie in the years to come.

Thanks, Hugh.

Thanks to Lindsey Clark-Ryan’s Western-loving father, an appreciation for handlebars has developed and is even featured in some of her work. Are you a mustachio nut?

Theory One of Cape Town does a illustrates a lot of characters with beards. A lot.

Thanks, Super Duper.

Julianna Swaney, a Michigan native, has been showing in the Journey through Bookland exhibit at Together Gallery in Portland. I love the notebooka place to “stache” your thoughts.

Graphic designer and illustrator Santiago Uceda of Corvalis, Oregon, made this appropriately beardy tour poster for Portland band Jared Mees and the Grown Children.

Bay Area artist Lisa Romero makes mini paintings. This one’s my favorite.

Portland’s very own Ashley Goldberg has made several prints of (Semi-)Bearded Guys available at her online shop. Goldberg even does custom portraits now!

Sean Morris draws pictures and lives in Perth.

Ariel Aberg-Riger’s work is peppered with various styles and media celebrating beardage.

Atlanta-based Mark Weaver makes something cool everyday. The Skullbeard print is for sale.

Ontario’s own Carson Campbell knows that beards are cooler than moustaches.

Californian Jared Andrew Schorr is an illustrator that works with cut paper. Love Is in the Hair and Good Day for Vikings are about as awesome as peanut butter on a saltine.

Bearded , the UK indie music magazine, commissioned Londoner Jim Stoten for this awesome illustration.

Jenny Meilihove in Jerusalem painted this watercolor of the very talented Erin Dollar (of I Made You a Beard fame). And she has an Etsy store full of more great illustrations and such.

Garden State artist Ana Benaroya recently showed at Fontanelle in Portland. The pieces above are for The Stranger, Seattle’s only newspaper.

Chicago artist Laura George has some sweet prints available at her Etsy shop.


Amy Nieto said...

Great round-up my friend.

Sara said...

Are you going to have multiple Beard Thursdays?

mb said...

Yes. The first Thursday of each month.

It's a copycat move… The big gallery hop in Portland is on first Thursdays, too. :-)