01 April 2009

The Merkin

A merkin is the artificial covering of hair for the pubic area. So what is the Revue doing covering this? Well, Oxford English Dictionary offers a few brilliant quotes about merkins that relate to beardage. And, since context for these golden nuggets is a bit hard to find, it seemed fitting to laugh and let your imagination wander a bit.

This put a strange Whim in his Head; which was, to get the hairy circle of her Merkin … This he dry’d well and comb’d out, and then return’d to the Cardinal, telling him, he had brought Saint Peter’s Beard. (1714)

Or wear some stinking Merkin for a Beard (1680)
And apropos of nothing:
A thousand hogsheads then would haunt his firkin, And Mistris Minks recouer her lost mirkin. (1630)
Happy April Fool’s Day.
April 1, 2008
Google images search results for the curious (srsly, merkins are hilarious)

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