19 April 2009

News: Lincolns, playoffs, Taxonomies, Beard Lifts, etc.

Honest Abes Tour D.C.
About 50 of them. Tall Lincolns and short Lincolns. Old Lincolns and young Lincolns. Lincolns in dark beards. Lincolns in light beards. One Lincoln had no beard. Another had a “paste-on.”

New Beard-A-Thon Website Ties Charities to NHL Playoff Beards

Includes rate-the-beards, beard-of-the-day and build-a-beard features for each NHL playoff team.

Eamon Daly’s beard lifts final load
The incredible beard that lifted a 56-pound boy partook in one last challenge April 12, though you can still donate to the cause.

The Ten Greatest Moustaches in Gaming History
Mario is number one. Heihachi Mishima isn’t even ranked.

Six Facial Hair Taxonomies
Wondermark’s David Malki is a beard enthusiast gifted with elegant writing, a clear sense of history and a profound knack for relevance. Add to your RSS feed — it’s a no-brainer.

Playoff Beards Are So Hot Right Now
The beginning of the NHL playoffs in Chicago marked the renewal of one of sports' grizzliest traditions: playoff beards.
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Phil Jones said...

That is a great wealth of beardage. I want the Abe tour here!