07 May 2009

First Thursday Beard Art

Portland graphic designer Michael Buchino’s nod to Glaser and Duchamp is available exclusively through Beard Revue. Only 200, each one signed. And it’s dirt cheap.

{ $20 }

A few of these posters will be auctioned off to benefit p:ear. How cool is that?

Erin Dollar from I Made You a Beard is giving away a beard! Fully customizable and valued at $40, this contest is a no-brainer. All you have to do is post a comment telling her what your dream beard looks like (with your name and email!), and on Monday a winner will be drawn. What are you waiting for?

Found via the Austin group Public School, I cannot sum this one better:
I’ve been listening to Eagles of Death Metal a lot lately, and I came upon this beauty, created by Atzgerei. This is incredibly smart, and it fits the band perfectly. Definitely one of those “I wish I’d thought of that.” situations.

Isabel Rock is a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art in London. Bright and bold graphic images are centred on the vices of greed and lust. Jocular phallic images are used to redress the balance of sexual politics, through the use of the grotesque and the carnivalesque. A few images feature moustaches and beards.

Bearded Mafia. Do you see it? Awesome, right? This is the fresh Bearded Mafia logotype spotted around LA by designer Eli Sipsas.

How To Become a Saint by Italian Maurizio Santucci is part of an expansive portfolio worth perusing.

Classi Assi, DJ New Money and DJ F.U.N.K. are the Montreal DJ collective Moustache Men who just finished up their Do It Yourself Tour in Canada. I’m still seeking info on the artist who created their tour art.

Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker at Studio Violet reuse porcelain and craft stamps, amongst many other things. Check out their store.

Leo Espinosa is a designer of many things. Some of those things are beardy things, like his contribution (Buster) to the Paper Toy and Pop Out Show that opened in April at Pink Hobo Gallery in Minneapolis and this button for La Guaka.

Mentalgassi street art, consisting of a water tank, ticket validators and metalhead recycling containers

Sylvie LS is an amazing tattoo artist in Montreal. She also puts ink to paper…

Traverse City-born Kali Meadows can’t seem to stop herself from constantly creating.

mello.jordan is an illustrator who does stuff somewhere.

London artist Nick Morley likes: beards, dressing up and making some amazing beard-centric art.

Bnito is a blooming illustrator in Montpellier, France.

Ronnie Brown of Glasgow begs the question, “What happens to Scotsmen in the Winter?”

Janick of Montreal dove full-time into the handmade world in July 2008. She finally made a moustache.

Nichol Brinkman is a stuff-making Hoosier out of Bloomington. Check out her blog, her photos and her shop.

Katie Vernon of Dover, NH, is making her mark in the print & beard world with the likes of these. Seems there’s a beard around every corner of her three blogs. Plus, the Hope You’re Wearing Antlers! illustration is straight out of hipster gospel — skinny jeans made of beard + antlers! Add a fixie and the fine folks of Williamsburg might consider it an idol.


Amy Nieto said...

Excellent roundup my beardy friend.

rnnbrwn said...

Thanks for the link!

There are still a few "Icicles Hing Frae Their Beards" on sale.

A4-sized, professionally reproduced print (1 of 50), signed, numbered and dated.

Get in touch!

Thanks again.