27 February 2009

Duane Allman

Seeing that Duane Allman died long before cell phones were popular, it’s a bit strange that all the best pictures of him look like they’ve been taken from an iPhone.

At least one might be able to make out how fierce his Franz Josef is.

Allman was a brilliant guitarist — even Clapton wanted to play with him! When you’re that good, you’re tough TUFF. And nothing’s tougher than a Pangæa comprised of a mo and Wolverine whiskers.

From gamboge tints to pale peach shades, the spectrum of hues in Allman’s jowl matt compliment the colorful notes flying from his fretboard. And, just as in his solos, it’s the space between that makes the difference. At any given moment, the Allman’s versatile chops ’n’ stache combo can be perceived as confident, vulnerable, spiritual or playful.

Get At Fillmore East. It’s amazing.

26 February 2009

Walking beard

Like it or not, the decision to grow a beard “is too powerful to be strictly conscious,” writes Allan Peterkin in One Thousand Beards.

…these decisions are based on notions of sex, death, aggression, rebellion, narcissism, damaged self-esteem, fetishism, and gender anxiety, and unconcisous conflicts of the oral, anal, genital, Oedipal, and even vaginal varieties.
Basically, you’re not really driving your beard. Your subconscious is.

Walking on a Beard
via Bee Combs
One Thousand Beards on Amazon

25 February 2009

The bearded children of Antarctica

Paul Thompson’s portraits of bearded children for Natural History Museum’s Ice Station Antarctica posters are stellar. Creepy, but stellar no less. The photographs won three Association of Photographers awards in 2008.

(via thecoolhunter.net)

Sébastien Chabal

You know the old story. Samson kept his strength so long as he did not cut or shave his hair. So allow me to break from convention to kindly mention this subtle suggestion to Sébastien Chabal:

Chabal is a zen Hindu cow wrapping his face in the awesome power of his very own beard.
Question: Can Chabal be stopped?
Answer in the form of a question: Can an unstoppable beardoceros be stopped?
This barbe magnifique is pure: deep color, full body, rigid geometric balance and simultaneously fierce and friendly.

While considerable color, great girth, ideal balance and other disciplines have enjoyed extensive achievement amongst the common man, the character of a beard both approachable and hostile is a versatile asset rarely accomplished. It commands respect and admiration.

24 February 2009

L is for Ladybeard

Anke Weckmann illustrated the letter L for the new issue of Stirato magazine.

(via Moustaches)

American Apparel Mustache Masks

What’s stranger: that American Apparel is selling Mustache Masks or that the model above is wearing clothes? It’s a classic ski mask printed with everyone’s favorite facial accessory (beards are necessities, moustaches are accessories). Only $14, which is cheap for AA.

(via Doobybrain)

23 February 2009

Sean Penn

You may remember Sean Penn for his bit role as a stoner in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He also just won an academy award for a film called Milk. He also wore a beard in the latter film. Which is awesome.

Wearing a beard is definitely awesome, but that doesn’t mean the beard is awesome. Sean Penn’s beard — a temporary prop — is scraggly and appears to be an afterthought. It only spends a few scenes on screen and is altogether forgettable.

At least the film is consistently good. And Spiderman’s friend wears a pretty cool moustache.

21 February 2009

“The Great Beard”

Summer Allen-Gibson recently rounded up nine beard products available (including the Beard Revue poster). Internets, I hope you never change!

  1. Norman by Ashley Goldberg ($35)
  2. Bee Beard by Julianna Swaney ($23)
  3. Bearded Grandpa Painting by i made you a beard ($20)
  4. Crumbs in Beard by Katherine Brickman ($40)
  5. All The Bearded Men in My Life Print by Kelly Lasserre ($40)
  6. Shen Plum Print by Shen Plum ($18)
  7. Storage Beard by Little Robot ($19)
  8. Beards Are Sexy Mens T-Shirt by The Bold Banana ($14
  9. Beard Poster by Michael Buchino ($20)
Allen-Gibson runs Design Is Mine and Bread & Honey from the beardiest city in the U.S.

19 February 2009

Keep Austin Beard

Tomorrow is the third annual Misprint Magazine Beard & Moustache Competition. Beard Revue is a proud sponsor and winners from each category will receive a Beard poster.

February 20, 2009 @ the Mohawk

912 Red River Street, Austin, Texas

Festivities begin at 9 PM. Register to compete by 10. 21+ only. $5 Cover.

Hosted by Matt Bearden
Entertainment by DJ Andy (the Mouth) and DJ Huge Cock
Live music by Cavedweller
Photobooth by Alison Narro
Special Appearances from Beard Team USA and the Austin Facial Hair Club!

Victors from the second annual competion


Best Groomed
Fiercest Chops
Sweetest Moustache
Gnarliest Beard
Bryan Nelson (Australian Cattle God/Gorch Fock/Little Bicycles)
Houshang Ghaharie (Emo's)
Beth Schindler (Birds Barbershop)
Phil Olsen (Beard Team USA, Captain)

18 February 2009

Matthew “BEARDZZZ” Saccoman

Matthew “BEARDZZZ” Saccoman is a busy man. He has appeared on MSNBC as a beard expert and, in less than a month, his beard contest will come to fruition in New York.

And his beard is everything you would expect a beard expert’s to be. Rich in texture and color, ample in volume and possessing personality to spare, Saccoman dons a virile visage. This fertile garden dutifully offers a dynamic contour no neck could offer.

Though reminiscent of a particular Spartan, Saccoman’s beard has past the spear-wielding-warrior stage and clearly entered the wise-beyond-his-years phase.

Full disclosure: Beard Revue is sponsoring the New York City Beard & Moustache Championships, a contest promoted and managed by Matthew “BEARDZZZ” Saccoman. However, Saccoman did not solicit Beard Revue for this review in any way. As with every review, the rating above reflects the opinion of the author at the time of writing.

17 February 2009

The greatest song I’ve ever heard this week!

As of Monday, this week has been crazy busy. Fortunately, I found the greatest song I’ve ever heard this week already! Why is it the greatest song? Because every word rings true. Except the beer part.

And I found it at one of the greatest new beard blogs on the block, Things My Beard Can Lift, where Eamon Daly’s beard is lifting objects to raise money for Chicago’s Off the Street Club.

16 February 2009

Carnival beards!

Prosthetics are hot right now (so you’ve realized here and here). Now, if you’re on the euro, you have an outlet in your backyard.

Mieke Willems in Antwerp, Belgium, is selling these knit beards in a wide array of colors just in time for carnival! For inquiries, email mail@miekewillems.com.

Oh, and Mieke Willems has a blog.

13 February 2009

NYC BMC on Zeitgeist

Beardzzz showed off his beard for MSNBC. You know about the big competition in New York next month, right? Beard Revue is a sponsor!

Lions Are Smarter than I Am

Lions are hipsters at Threadless. There’s a big sale for this t-shirt through Valentine’s Day — only $9 for girlie Ts! Buy it.

Thanks, Sue!

Top 10 Gaming Beards

via GameTrailers.com


Crumbs in My Beard is a screen-printed, 100% linen tea towel by Katherine Brickman. And it’s beautiful. Only 1000 printed, available via Third Drawer Down.

Check Brickman’s new site greedyhen.com.

Update: All the links work now. And Brickman adds, “everyone enjoys drying their hands on a man's beard,” a sentiment with which I cannot disagree.

12 February 2009

Ginger Beards

Illustrator Rich Stow’s beard “is more Wayne Rooney than Alexi Lalas,” he proclaims on his Ginger Beards site. Championing the ginger beard appears to be an act that transcends all of Stow’s endeavors. Besides his web sites, illustrations and t-shirts, he has a digital set of beardy cards complete with style, colour, originality and growth stats.

If you have a ginger beard photo you’d like to share with Stow, email him.

Be sure to check out those t-shirts. They’re interactive.

11 February 2009

Charles Spearin

The recent proliferation of moustaches has made its mark on the interwebs and indie music for sure— that’s no secret. Charles Spearin (Do Make Say Think and Broken Social Scene) is an integral part of the meme, having moustached long before it was even ironic.

Stylistically, Spearin’s moustache is a well-placed design element. The pushbroom highlights a healthy smile, anchors his face with a flourish of goldenrod, provides a little extra lip protection for long stints of blowing brass and is a cornerstone of the Toronto music scene.

You can check out Spearin’s trademark mo on tour this March or buy his new album.

10 February 2009

MSNBC late to the party, but welcome

Diane Mapes and MSNBC finally figured out what we’ve all known for a while: beards are in. From the dot com:

Some guys go for the backlash beard — ungroomed growth meant to defy the fussy scrubs and sprays of yesterday’s metrosexual. Others sport recession stubble: 5, 6 and 7 o’clock shadow in desperate need of a time clock. There are beards grown on bets, mustaches that raise money and whiskers worn simply (and sensibly) for winter warmth.

And then there are your ’stachinistas. “I’ve had sideburns, a handlebar mustache, mutton chops, a goatee, the Abe Lincoln look and that thing where your mustache goes up into your sideburns,” says Brian Parkhill, a 25-year-old artist from Long Beach, Calif. “It’s just a fun way to play with your looks. Facial hair is always evolving.”


Beards are back
These days, the hirsute pursuit has evolved into a full-blown, full-grown trend. According to the marketing research company The NPD Group, sales of electric shavers and men’s facial trimmers have dipped 12 percent just in the last year while beard-related activities are, well, bristling.

Beard Team USA, a division of the World Beard and Moustache Championships, boasts 36 chapters in the U.S. alone, many in urban hotspots such as Los Angeles, Dallas, St. Louis and New York. There are beard contests and beard blogs, mustache movies and facial hair fundraisers.


Styling and profiling
Sociologist Paul Roof, who runs the Holy City Beard & Moustache Society of Charleston, S.C., says that while there are certainly purists who believe beards should never be trimmed or shaved, most beard buffs try to keep up a “clean, professional appearance.”

“If you’re going to have a beard and do it right, you’ve got to keep it clean and groomed and shampooed and conditioned,” he says. “It actually takes more work than shaving.”
Funny how they didn’t even mention the best beard blog on the internets

{ Hairy economy trend: Beards are back | MSNBC }

Dan Auerbach releases solo album

In celebration of beardy Black Key Dan Auerbach’s first solo effort, Keep It Hid (released today), here are some photos of Akron’s greatest asset.

Check Veronica Vaillancourt’s entire Flickr set of Auerbach.
Buy the new album via Amazon.

09 February 2009

Misprint Beard & Moustache Competition

Yet another beardy competition is afoot! This one, Misprint’s third annual Beard & Moustache Competition in Austin, was 500-strong last year and promises to be bigger than ever this year.

What, when, where, who:

Misprint Beard & Moustache Competition
February 20, 2009 at the Mohawk
912 Red River St, Austin TX

Festivities begin at 9 pm. Register to compete by 10 pm.

Hosted by Matt Bearden
Entertainment by DJ Andy (the Mouth) and DJ Huge Cock
Live music by Cavedweller
Photobooth by Alison Narro
Special Appearances from Beard Team USA and the Austin Facial Hair Club!
Best Groomed
Fiercest Chops
Sweetest Moustache
Gnarliest Beard
Everything in Texas is better bigger, right? I can’t wait for the photos. Get yer beard on.

Thanks for the tip,

07 February 2009

Brothers of the Brush biannual beard-off

Brothers of the Brush (BOB) are having their biannual old fashioned beard-off tomorrow in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Also, their logo successfully combines beards with lightning bolts. Which is awesome. Just like Zeus.

Thanks to Joshua Peck for writing in.

06 February 2009

beard love

What better way to express the way you feel about beards than have it letterpressed in three colors on recycled chipboard? I suppose you could also grow a beard, too. But this simple proclamation by Kyle Durrie fits better in a frame or on your wall — and it’s only $5.00!

Thanks, Kyle.

05 February 2009

Like a (moustache) glove

Running rampant, the moustache craze is still strong. For example, Jack Spade has for sale these amazing gloves:

To keep warm, to hold under your nose, to enjoy… One finger American style, the other French — honestly, what more can you ask for?
(via lolita)

Beard & Stache Fest, Seattle

The Beard & Stache Fest kickoff was a few days ago, you’ve still got the rest of February to celebrate in the hairy fun. Throughout the month there will be beer and coffee specials around Emerald City. There is a contest based on fundraising dollars (not beardiness) that wraps up on March 1.

Donations go to support Treehouse, a non-profit committed to improving the lives of our kids living in foster care.

04 February 2009

Johannes Brahms

Argue all you want for Bach or Beethoven, Johannes Brahms was certainly greatest German composer. Of the three Bs, Brahms was the only one to grow his own little B. Der Bart.

Brahms had a reputation as a serious composer of large, complex hirsute structures. Measure after measure of his symphonic beard ebbs and flows forth from Brahms’ chin. More crescendos than decrescendos, he still manages to maintain a classical sense of form and order.

The moustache is Brahms’ gruppetto — in shape and in metaphor. The virtuoso handlebar’s auxiliary color and frame vary the principle with inspired results.

Just as his pervasive lullaby mollifies even the most anxious among us, Brahm’s exhilarating hairy heap incites a charge in the most placid beard enthusiast.

And then there’s this brilliant arts PSA for Raisin Brahms…

03 February 2009

PalmerCash Ts

PalmerCash has a few physiognomic horticulture t-shirts available. Click the images above to get yours.

02 February 2009

Graham Nash

If you put the fertile facial follicles of David Crosby and Graham Nash together, you’d have a perfect ten. Instead, one chose to be a human walrus, the other a 60s Amish pop star.

Just as in the struggle of “Our House” (Nash yearns for stability during the free-love movement), so too does his beard reflect a struggle (counterculture-length flanks and chin, straight-and-narrow upper lip). But his harmonious frame sings a clear message: bearding may not be easy, but beard nonetheless.

Nash’s dedication waned over the years, but his legend is still notable. The short-lived barbe was at least long in virtue and size. Teach your children to grow a beard.

Happy birthday, Graham.

01 February 2009

The Most Fabulous Mustache Contest Ever

In ten short weeks there will be a moustache judging.

Ferenc Rákóczi. Gyula Andrássy. Lajos Kossuth. István Széchenyi. Ferenc Deák. What do these famous Hungarian men have in common? Famous Hungarian mustaches, of course!

Extremely Hungary 2009 is a celebration of modern and contemporary Hungarian art, music, and letters. It will show New York that this small nation is large on culture. What better way to inaugurate such an important occasion than with a mustache contest?

Yes, that’s right. Beginning February 1, you can do your part for the nation of Hungary… by growing a mustache! Be the envy of all your friends! Win fabulous prizes—including a trip for two to Budapest!
The Most Fabulous Mustache Contest Ever! takes place April 16, but registration is today, February 1. You can register online here.

The rules are simple: Start clean-shaven, no beards, wax and dyes are allowed, etc.

Categories include the Pompás Bajusz, the Nietzsche and the Ned Flanders amongst others.

Basically, this is going to be a fabulous contest. Get yer ’stache on.