03 February 2010

Jason Bateman

Today continues a series of guest reviews for Beard Revue. Freelance writer Adrienne So is today’s guest reviewer.

Jason Bateman has made a career about being the level-headed nice guy on Arrested Development and in movies like Juno. Recent follicular developments, however, remind us that this guy didn't get his start playing the clean-cut straight man. Dude was Teen Wolf Too! Come on!

And for good reason. Bateman has the perfect complexion, face shape and personality to be bearded. His lower facial bristles cling happily to that determined lower jaw and emphasize, as all good beards should, the crinkles around his twinkly blue eyes. He could be Santa Claus in an earlier career incarnation.

The only thing that keeps ole Jase from reaching a perfect ten is the incongruity of his boyishly floppy mop top. We suspect (or hope) that Bateman is aiming for the wavy, long-haired perfection of Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall. It’s a lofty goal, and he’s still got a ways to go…still, kudos, Michael Bluth.